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Me stuff

a brain synthwave cyber bokeh brain, tristan eaton, victo ngai, artgerm, rhads, ross draws

Hello there and welcome to my website (Still under construction). Nice seeing you here! I am mostly active on the internet as u/Khyta on Reddit. I am a passionate book lover and also sometimes do art and photography. I love technology and also like to tinker with it, even when it means to brick one's audio setup in Ubuntu or to get the layout of my papers just right with LaTeX or to experiment with Stable Diffusion. Programming is also a thing which I do in my free time, including building up this website. I currently am pursuing to finish the 2nd year of the IB Diploma program.

Reddit stuff

golden fantasy plate armor, by salvador dali, 8 k resolution, intricate ornaments, photorealistic, smooth, octane render, ray tracing, ambient occlusion

I volunteer as a moderator on the Reddit social media platform. There is a wide variety of Subreddits which I help moderate.

Incomplete list of Subs

My ultimate goal is to work for Reddit Inc. one day and be a part of the community. I want to shape it in a meaningful way to help it build wonderful communities for the people.

Book stuff

a tower of books floating in the air, a detailed matte painting by Józef Szermentowski, deviantart, fantasy art, dystopian art, apocalypse landscape, matte painting

I like science-fiction the most as a genre. Currently, I am pulled towards sci-fi books with a time travel element in them. I also quite like sci-fi books with AI or other intelligent robots as protagonists.

Have stuff

Some of the books which I've read are classics. But most of them are quite new and fit into the science-fiction genre.

My book list

Want stuff

I have quite a lot of books on my tbr (to be read) list. This list increases almost every time with every visit of the /r/suggestmeabook subreddit or also when I read an anomymized passage in the Recomend Me A Book App (pshhht: They also have a Website). After reading the passage, I can uncover which book I've read and from which author it is. This makes me less likely to judge a book by it's cover.

Art stuff

ultra realistic broken glass pane, caustic lighting, subtle rainbow, dramatic lighting, trending on Artstation, 8k resolution

In my free time I sometimes do a bit of photography. Especially when I'm taking holidays and want to capture nice moments. Occasionally I also do a bit of 3D art using Blender. I've also dabbled into creating artworks with Stable Diffusion. All the header pictures you see on this website, have been created using that AI.

Photo stuff

dslr photograph of a jar filled with lord of the rings, 8 5 mm f 1. 8

To view some pictures I've taken, please visit my Unsplash profile. I currently (02.10.2022) have 3.1 million views and 26k downloads on all the pictures I've uploaded there. I also occasionally take pictures in the holidays for personal pleasure which I do not upload on the Internet.

3D stuff

composition of human skulls, animals skulls, bones, rib-cage. jellyfish orchids and betta fish, bioluminiscent, intricate artwork by Tooth Wu and wlop and beeple. octane render, trending on artstation, greg rutkowski very coherent symmetrical artwork. cinematic, hyper realism, high detail, octane render, 8k

I haven't uploaded my 3D stuff on unsplash as I did not think that would fit there. To find those 3D renders, one has to go through the posts on my Reddit Profile.

Misc. stuff